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Brass Monkeys Charity Skinny Dip!!

Mark Voigt, Dry Silo Mortar Refurbishment Centre Supervisor at Dove Holes, is doing seven open water skinny dips in seven days, braving the cold and ice, to raise awareness and money for the Young Minds Charity. Anyone who knows Dove Holes knows how cold it gets and exactly how challenging this is.

Please give generously to support him via his JustGiving page. Follow the link or use the URL below:


Because of the danger of cold water, Mark has an expert team standing by in case of a need for rescue. Please do not try this without the proper training and emergency support.

Mark explains why he wanted to do this:

“I have decided to raise money for Young Minds to support children with their mental health.  These last two years have shown me how incredibly difficult it has been to be a child/teenager during these times and after seeing my own children struggle mentally and at times struggling myself, I wanted to do something to help.

I found open water swimming around Christmas time and the impact that it has had on my own mental and physical health has been amazing!

Obviously, it isn’t appropriate to ask children to swim in freezing cold water so I will do that and hopefully at the same time raise some money to help them.”

Mark was celebrating reaching £370 raised in this photo so decided to do a bit of a ‘splash down’! Well done Mark, we think this is an epic challenge!!


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