Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

23hrs Crackin’ The Frackin’ Roof for Cluster 3

Cluster 3, RMX North East, showed amazing commitment to customer service with a continual 23 hour effort on a complex pour for a fracking tank roof.

Bill Clarke, Readymix Ops Supervisor in Newcastle, takes up the story: “After 23hrs, with the site suffering serious setbacks, we finally finished the first 600 meter layer on this fracking tank roof, with another 2 layers to do in the forthcoming weeks.

All started well at 5am on site but by 6.30am we had 10 wagons on site carrying C50 mx and going nowhere due to an issue at site. By 8am we started to get the vehicles rolling in. Due to the dome shape of the roof, consistency of the mix was vital.  However, the start stop scenario ensued throughout the day, and by 3pm we had only poured half of the required amount.

We sourced another 3 wagons that had driving hours left to help out as the traffic in the area was diabolical – by 7pm drivers hours were up and by 8pm we were down to 6 trucks,  but the wheels kept rolling and by midnight 500 mtrs was on the roof.  Thankfully at 3.36am the last load was despatched and the weary crews departed.

A huge thanks to Brian Godsmith, Steve Ebbelewhite Mick Larmouth, Andrew Gibson, Tim Jennings, Kev the fitter and Gary Cain, plus all the IHCs involved.  A great display of Team Work once again in Cluster 3. Here’s looking to the next layer in a couple of weeks.”