Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

A Fantastic Aggs And Asphalt Team Effort

During the recent SAP outage the Aggregates and Asphalt businesses have been without a dispatch system. Everyone had to pull together to keep our customers well served and happy.

As well as continuing the business as usual during the outage, this has also meant that 11,000 deliveries have had to be manually created back into SAP.

In many parts of the Aggs and Asphalt business colleagues have been “rolling up their sleeves” and helping to maintain customer service.  Lex Russell, VP for Aggs and Asphalt, commented: “Thank you to everyone across the country who has helped out during the SAP outage and subsequent work catching up.  It made us all very proud to see the way that everyone supported each other.”

Some people even had a nostalgic re-visit to old haunts!! Read Andy Shields story on Shift for a great account of when he went back to help at the weighbridge in Wickwar!

There have been 19 people helping Brin Sandu, Customer Service Development Manager, process this back into the system and they deserve a special mention for doing an amazing job. Brin takes up the story: “We are 2/3 of the way into processing with an expectation to be back up to date by month end, ensuring we minimise the impact to working capital.  I want to say a massive thank you from the management team to all those involved in processing and I want to take the opportunity to mention all by name:

George Atherton, Amber  Michael, Brenda Dunkley, Stephanie Pollabauer, Hannah  Davis, Sue McNeilis, Carol Oliver, Danielle Allen, Helen Kinsella, Beverley Sale, Libby Simmons, Karen Jamieson, Verity Coleman, Claire Miller, Tony Jurkiewicz, Andrew Radbourne, Abbie Smith, Jessie Ryan, Nicola Henderson.

There are also others holding the fort allowing our processing team to work undisturbed so they should not go unnoticed either, thank you to everyone who has been such a great support.  I think this is a great example of team effort and being best for customers and shareholders too.”

Brin also did a fantastic job and whilst too modest to mention his own contribution Garry Gregory has no such qualms!  “The SAP outage and upgrade had the potential to give a major adverse customer experience. Through the efforts of those listed (and many more) we have been extremely successful in terms of mitigating the impact that the customer has felt. I would also like to make a special mention of Brin Sandhu who has played a leading role in making this a success from planning for the outage and then with his dedication, drive and commitment, during it. Well done to all involved – we really appreciate what you have done and the extra mile you have all gone.”