Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

All’s Well That ‘Angled Ends’ Well…

Recently CEMEX Floors supplied a customer with beams in Chigwell, Essex. There were a few issues on site and the Site Manager asked for a CEMEX representative to visit the site to discuss some questions they had concerning ‘Angled Ends’.

Upon arriving to the site the CEMEX employees: Nathan Kite – Technical Supervisor Floors,  Blair Moore – Area Sales Manager and  Christopher Truran – Design Office Manager/Engineer, noted that a previous Site Manager had instructed the staff on site to ‘cut into’ the CEMEX beams. This was to help them fit into where they needed to go due to errors in the construction of the build. Straight away this was deemed unsafe and Chris then told them to stop work immediately as the beams, in their current state, were not structurally safe and could come down at any point.  They were very unsafe as they were located on the first floor with people working below.

The picture clearly shows where the beams have been cut to fit into the steel work.

Chris then contacted the Site Engineer and stated his findings, made them aware of the failings on site and the Site Engineer would then be able to make the relevant changes to the design.  Following the CEMEX intervention the site has now made the changes the CEMEX Team noted, and because of the way that CEMEX dealt with the issue they have now said that the next contract will be coming our way.

Also whilst on site Nathan noted that they had placed a generator on the beam floor which would result in the beams being overloaded.  Luckily the initial question raised by the customer of ‘Angled Ends’ of the beams led to a potentially serious incident being averted.

Paul Grant , Commercial Manager for CEMEX Floors, commented: “It just makes you think, you can put everything in place relating to Health & Safety, quality of the product, ease of doing business with, and the drawing of the floor layout etc, but if you don’t use the product how it is intended anything could happen.”

A big thank you goes to Chris, Nathan and Blair for being best for the customer and best for families, by working with the customer and visiting the site to ensure that a satisfactory result was achieved, and more importantly that everyone went home safely.