Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Awesome A1 Achievement

During the month of March, Paving Solutions worked on two sections of the A1m Motorway for Interserve.The first section was Northbound Blythe to Tickhill and the second section was Northbound Barnsdale Barr to Ferrybridge. Both sections accumulated to 12km of Motorway which meant over 14,000t of asphalt had to be planed out and resurfaced.

Paving Solutions received the order to undertake the works in late February and from then Interserve (who working for Highways England/ A1+) reiterated the importance of completing this work before 31st March.

The work had to be completed at night under road closures and started on Monday 29th February. After a slow start due to the weather and traffic management problems, Paving Solutions were up against it as the unpredictable weather and colder temperatures at night meant that there were two cancelled shifts and the Easter break looming which meant a further 6 potential shifts would be lost. These issues lead to Interserve being concerned that their strict programme wouldn’t be met.

Paving Solutions like a challenge though! Matt Crowder pulled the strings on a big team effort which included a lot of help from CEMEX logistics, CEMEX coating plants located in Doveholes, Lincoln, Salford and Selby and Chris in Planning (Rugby).  With the different parts of CEMEX pulling together as one, this meant that the Paving Solutions operational gangs laid 500T+ on most shifts and 900T a shift at their peak! They worked 27 night shifts (including Saturdays and Sundays) and 5 double shifts to complete the project on time before 31st March for a very pleased Interserve and Highways England.

The project proved to be financially successful for Paving Solutions which is always a bonus and a good reward everyone’s hard work.

So, if you drive on the Northbound A1m between Blythe to Tickhill and/or Barnsdale Barr to Ferrybridge you will notice the superior quality of ride on the new sections we completed!

David Duszczak, Estimater, commented, “Thanks again to CEMEX Logistics, CEMEX coating plants at Doveholes, Lincoln, Salford and Selby, Chris in Planning based in Rugby and the operational team who worked consecutive night shifts from the end of February to the end of March 7 times a week! You are all awesome!”