Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Brand New CEMEX UK Website Now Live!

After a marathon effort in the last nine weeks, James Fairclough and James Barnett were delighted that our new  went live on time and in advance of our CEMEX Go launch. James Fairclough commented: “The new website’s look and feel, and platform were prerequisites for our CEMEX Go launch in April. With this new version we have completed a nine months project in just nine weeks!”

From the home page through to the detailed product pages, state-of-the-art web technology and cutting-edge design significantly improves the experience of the many CEMEX stakeholders visiting the site. The informative content from our previous site has been successfully migrated into the new platform including multimedia applications such as videos, photos, interactive maps and many more. It is more appealing and enables users to find the information they need more quickly. It is a more user-friendly and comprehensive offering, with improved navigation, as well as easy-to-find information for all our stakeholders – designers, builders, contractors, employees and their families, our local communities and our shareholders. It will also appeal to people looking for a job, the media and the public in general.

The new CEMEX site offers:

  • Modern design with faster navigation.
  • Most helpful content in prominent positions, making it easier for our users.
  • Helpful applications including quote requests, video hub, location finder, product search and news updates among many others.
  • A dedicated Hub with all relevant information on CEMEX Go – our first-of-its-kind, fully digital customer integration platform live on 9th April 2018.
  • Continued seamless integration with our 15.7k Twitter followers and helpful application videos via YouTube.
  • Ease of use with the most popular Internet browsers – PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone devices.

James Fairclough reports: “The attractive new website will be continually worked on in the live environment and a second deployment will be on 23rd April. Then there will be a Phase 2 with further content optimisation and improvement. This project has only been possible with the use of Agile philosophy- for those interested a modified scrum approach. We have had to be extremely creative with our solutions to make the deadline for the deployment.  We would also appreciate feedback and suggestions for moving forward.”

Well done team, particularly as much of this work has been “out of hours” collaborating with colleagues in Mexico on a different time zone.