Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Brilliant Bletchley

A big shout out and thanks to everyone at Local Asphalt Bletchley. Alan O’Connor, Sales Manager, shared this customer feedback on Shift

“Hannah Davis, our new Local Asphalt Rep, went to see Joby Wells, a collect customer from Aylesbury Fencing, and this is what he had to say………….

“I’m really happy with every single person at the Plant, especially the mixer men when they let me know if I’m not under the hopper. I’ve been to some Plants and they don’t care if half of it falls on the floor. Everyone is switched on and very friendly.”

He also said he never has to wait very long to get loaded.

The other thing he mentioned is the health and safety that’s implemented.  It is excellent throughout the Plant and he likes the fact that they measure exactly how much he has so that he’s not carrying more than he is allowed.

Well done to James and the team – it is always good to get customer feedback especially when it is this positive. Keep up the good work!”