Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Carbon8 Service Back On Track

Congratulations and thank you to Mark Thompson and Mike Fowler for restoring customer, Carbon8’s, faith in CEMEX by giving a superior customer experience. 

Carbon8 are an important customer for our Wickwar and Freeman’s Quarries.

In a ‘virtuous circle’ we supply Carbon8 with limestone dust and APC from Freeman’s Quarry, both slow moving stock.  Carbon8 then use our Aggregate to process ‘air pollution control residue’ and capture CO2.  As a by-product they create a manufactured Aggregate.

We then collect this Aggregate and use it at Wickwar Quarry where we blend it with virgin material.  This works as it increases our yield and profit margins, whilst preserving valuable virgin mineral. We collect approximately two loads of manufactured Aggregate for every one that goes in.

This arrangement is a win-win for us and the customer, and Mike and Mark have received praise from Craig Britton, Assistant Site Manager at the Carbon8 Aggs Plant in Avonmouth, for being clear and efficient and resolving previous frustrations with our service.