Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Celaine Is Our Factoring Record-Breaker!

Trading Coordinator, Celaine Cave, contacted UK News recently to explain her success in “Factoring” which was a new role created in October 2017. Celaine, who’s based in the Rugby office, tells us more….

“Factoring is where CEMEX purchases material from other suppliers and sells it to our external customers. I also manage “trading” which is where we buy material mainly for our Concrete Plants. We purchase material and sell it as our own at a profit to customers who appreciate the additional service. My role is to manage the whole process from start to finish as the business – it’s a totally manual process so is quite admin intensive but that is what I am here for!

I have streamlined processes and increased the confidence in the process with the Commercial teams and we are now seeing the rewards. Volume is growing month on month now and hopefully will continue to do so – each month is a new record-breaker. Factoring enables CEMEX to provide additional services to both existing and new customers – for example an existing Readymix customer can also buy some Aggregates products, and even some of the more value-added Neogem products for specialist applications. It improves the overall service offer to our customers and fills gaps for example we can source materials in an area where they are currently unavailable from our assets.”

Factoring means we can keep the materials required for our own needs or offer environmentally-friendly recycled materials. In 2018 year to date Celaine’s efforts have generated £110k of extra revenue and the biggest job so far is for 10,000 tonnes of recycled materials which is still ongoing. These are contracts where we would have previously have declined to quote – so it’s win – win – win! One customer, ND Civils, previously only bought concrete from CEMEX but now they’re also buying Aggregates too and say they are delighted with the service and material they have received – one project required more than 3,000 tonnes.