Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

CEMEX Delivers The Future: CEMEX Go

On 6 November 2017 our CEO, Fernando A. González, announced the launch of CEMEX Go, our new digital platform that will transform the way customers interact with us. This is a key milestone in our history because we are setting the stage for a new era in the building materials industry, and we should all be proud that CEMEX will be leading the way.

With CEMEX Go our customers will be able to have real-time, on demand access to placing orders, tracking shipments, requesting order changes, invoicing and making payments, to name a few.

With the use of CEMEX Go, our customers will increase their productivity, will be able to make better business decisions, and have more control of their business, which is key to deliver a superior customer experience.

This is a bold step to become the most customer centric company in the industry, along with all other ongoing initiatives, such as the Customer Journey Experience Program, the implementation of the Net Promoter Score and a rigorous system of customer experience’s KPIs, to name a few.

CEMEX Go has been launched in the U.S. and Mexico. Over the course of 2018, it will be rolled out in all other countries, including the UK, changing the way we do business all around the world. We need to be ready when that time comes, with your full support for this paramount project.

Remember that CEMEX Go is not only about a digital platform, it is also a new mindset for all of us that require new ways of working – more agile, more responsive, and transparent.

Two documents explaining what CEMEX Go is all about are attached to this document (or in the download section of UK News).

We will keep you posted on any advancements and specific preparation activities for our launch in 2018.

If you missed the CEO’s launch webcast this week please see the link: