Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

CEMEX Go…… Congratulations On Another Good Week!

CEMEX Go use is growing week on week.  European Orders Adoption increased to 32%, an excellent result and UK is playing a key part in the steady overall improvement.

This week the UK saw an increase of 6% in the number of Builders Orders coming though the On-Line Store. Many using the easy Multiple Order detail upload. Builders Orders Adoption hit 18% in the week, so the UK is close to 1 in 5 orders being placed through the On-Line Store!

London, North East and North West markets have exceeded Q1 Targets and are our consistent high performers. Well done to these Teams!

Customer Track of deliveries remained stable at 10%.  However, with high numbers of phone calls into Shipping Offices, this is useful functionality for us and our customers so we must do more to promote it.

The overall UK Adoption of Driver App/EPOD rose a further 2% to 76%. For Readymix we are higher and are now only around to 10% away from our 95% trigger to move to paperless deliveries!

Individual market performance remains some variable….. most notably in Yorkshire and Home Counties. However, the Digital Support Team are being deployed to the Shipping Offices to help make an improvement in these markets.