Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire…. Not For Team Salford…

It was a Sunday evening.  Phil Repton, Plant Manager at Salford Depot and Plant, had just popped another log on the fire whilst enjoying some quality time with his family (like quite a few who were not working Sunday evening).

At 8.45pm the phone rang and Dove Holes had broken down with very little chance of repair so a plan B had to be quickly implemented as there is a very large hole in the streets of Sheffield that needed to be filled in with 160 ton to finish the job!

Tony Carrol and Paul Taaffe volunteered to leave their homes and family and open up Salford and the Team supplied the material to finish the job.

Phil commented: “A massive thank you to Tony and Paul for showing commitment to me, as Manager at Salford, and to our customer.  Also for ensuring whilst on site they worked in a safe way to get the job done.  Thank you to their families too for being so understanding on a Sunday evening!! Go Team Salford!”