Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Cluster 16 Are No Lightweights!

Well done to the Team at Aston RMX plant who produced 90m3 of light weight concrete for the extension to the Birmingham tram line last week.

The concrete was being pumped 15 metres vertically and another 100 metres horizontally to its discharged point. Aston also assisted Weeford Concrete Plant to produce 370m3 for an extension to Aldi HQ. The concrete was being pumped vertically to 3 floor levels and a roof slab. The concrete requested may have been lightweight but the Team was punching well above its weight.  Well done!

The requests may be demanding on resources but proves to be rewarding and enthralling for all involved. Thanks to Simon Marc Hale, Lee Alan Ingram, Craig Sheldon, Christopher Ballard, Andrew Parkes, Courtney Ralph Winter, Nigel Marston,  Matthew Doran and all the drivers.

A job well done.