Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Cluster 3 Pull Together At Tyne Dock

Cluster 3 Team recently completed the second of 3 x 500mtr steel fibre pours to C Spencer at Tyne Dock Biomass silos.

Each pour required a full Team effort to facilitate the manual handling of  steel fibres.

They completed a pre-pour planning meeting with Sales, Operations and Safety Department.  They reviewed manual handling techniques for the safe loading of the fibres by way of two mobile conveyors based at South Shields Plant where the fibres were added along with super plasticizer.

Concrete was batched from three supplying Plants: Sunderland, Newcastle and South Shields. To load fibres they used 15 mixer trucks over a 15 hour period, 3 Batchers, 3 Shovel Drivers, Team Leaders and Technicians.

It was a great Team effort under unusual circumstances to complete the task.  THANK YOU and well done to all involved in TEAM C3.