Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Cluster 6 out-wit the oppo on customer service!!

Great customer communication and team work has secured a juicy contract for the NW Readymix team.

Danny Roberts, Sales Manager Readymix, Paul Craven Sales Rep Merseyside and Tracey Carden Technical Manager attended a site meeting with Stam Construction in Widnes where they managed to secure a 6,200m3 to help build a Waste Water Treatment Works in Widnes.

This is a 20 week programme of supply, the customer needs 6 x 606m3 pours for the next six weeks consecutive through two pumps, then smaller pours over the last 14 weeks making up the balance…

The NW team engaged at a very early stage and established good dialogue between CEMEX and Stam, by offering a solution from our local assets with support from Tracey C team. This gave Stam Construction the confidence we can meet this demanding supply rate. With open communication/ planning between our internal stakeholders and Stam Construction we are sure we can delight the customer. Well done to Paul Craven who has secured this contract on an excellent margin, factoring in the back up plants.