Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Collaboration Breeds Success

Approx. 4 weeks ago Darren Haward (Cluster 15 Rep) contacted Steve Couchman, Central Region Internal Sales Rep, with a possible lead for a site in Thame.  Steve explains how great collaboration and importance of following-up leads pays off, as they brought home the contract.

Steve takes up the story: “We had not quoted for this job and there were signs on site for ETG Groundworks so I contacted them only to be informed that they did not purchase concrete direct. ETG Groundworks put me in contact with Stanford Flooring. I made contact with their Buyer and they gave me an enquiry for 1,000m3, and we got a quote over immediately.

Over the next few weeks I worked closely with the Area Sales Rep, James Taylor, as well as keeping in regular contact with the Buyer at Stanford Flooring, to ensure we were in with a shout. Last week we were asked to change the mix and provide a mix design.  We knew the order was close.

I put in a call to the Buyer on Monday morning and he explained that the job was now with his MD who would have the final say on who supplies the concrete.  Last thing Monday I got an email from the Buyer with a P/O for 1,777m3, which was far more than we anticipated. This is another great example of collaboration between the external and internal Teams and illustrates the importance of following-up leads.”