Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

CSC Positive Customer Feedback

Congratulations to the CSC team at Rugby for some great customer feedback recently.  It’s always good to get positive views from our customers who value efficiency and effective communication.

Here are some quotes from our customers:

It’s been a really hard week and once again you have helped to make it easier. There must be some pressure on you especially today but seriously I do appreciate all you do and the manner in which you do it. Just a big thank you!” Great feedback from Garry Mackenzie to Amy Humphries.

Jewson’s in Haslemere gave good feedback for his delivery received today and said the process from pricing to ordering to delivery went smoothly, and they were happy with the product and service. The customer asked to pass on his thanks to Liz Anderson and the team. 

Craig Donovan from Freedom Group gave good feedback during a customer satisfaction survey regarding his enquiry for his site at Mansfield Road, Sheffield. Craig said he received his price back with 20 minutes which was spot on and Madison O’Toole was a brilliant agent. 

“You have the most polite telephone manner out of anybody in this game I have come across. If we could all speak to each other like that the world would be a better place.” This was said from Mike at Torkard/Language Homes to Eddi Giaramita.