Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity – Our Passion – A Message From Our CEO

“Customer Centricity is one of our business priorities at CEMEX. It is also one of our five company values. I want to invite everyone to join us in formally committing to make Customer Centricity our passion.

It is important to ensure that our products, services, and solutions -across all of our operations – are focused on satisfying the business needs of our clients. We must understand that an important part of our added value is to guarantee that our customer experience is easy, reliable, and enjoyable.

To accomplish this, we have embarked on a cultural change of the utmost relevance for all of us who are part of this great company. Regardless of our country or our role, we will focus on ensuring that CEMEX’s trademark is always providing extraordinary service.

It is of the utmost importance that all of us share this reality. Each member of our company, from their personal standpoint in whatever the role they perform, must strive to make Customer Centricity the driver of our daily activities.

Our success depends on the support of all of you. Join me – and everyone at CEMEX – in making Customer Centricity our passion.

“Let’s place our Customer at the centre of our operations in order to exceed their expectations and to create an enjoyable experience whenever they do business with us.”