Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Customer Complaints Are An Opportunity To Improve…

Cluster 20 recently resolved a customer complaint. The customer complained about a late delivery.   On the day of delivery the Team hadn’t “called Bob” to let the customer know that they were running late.  As a consequence the customer complained about our service. 

Rather than brush it under the carpet or ignore it the Team were not afraid to take action to deal with the problem and ended up with a better solution for their customer.

Greg Vaughan, Readymix Sales Rep (Avon and Wiltshire), visited the unhappy customer’s site and passed their details to the Team as a point of contact should they struggle to get hold of Shipping in the future.  The Commercial Team also gave a list of key customers to the Shipping office to call pro-actively each day to ensure that the customers are kept informed of any issues.

The Team also made changes in the Shipping office to make sure that there were more people covering the phones.  This takes off some pressure from the system and will allow them to proactively call customers and reduce the amount of incoming ‘chasing’ calls.