Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Customer Service?… By George, I Think He’s Got It…

Team Scotland are involved in readymix supplies to ABC Electrification for work on the Edinburgh – Glasgow Rail Link Improvement. 

All the supplies are at night and Grangemouth Plant has been on ‘nights’ since late January. This has meant our Plant Supervisor has not seen daylight for some months as he and 2 IHC hauliers have been servicing the customer requirements.

Our Resident Plant Supervisor at Grangemouth, George Hall, has built up an excellent working relationship with the site and has been responsible for ensuring deliveries arrive at the correct locations within a very tight time frame. Here is an email response from the customer indicating how highly George is rated.

“George has been a great help to us during nightshift, being very proactive & always ready to assist us any way he can”.

Well done George! Through your efforts the customer has asked us to supply the next section of the work…… at night!