Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Customers First – Santa Can Wait!

Once again we, at CEMEX, have demonstrated our commitment to both our customers and the wider community – Congratulations to all the employees involved in the successful supply to two Network Rail projects through our customer, CML (Construction Marine of Leeds), on the evening of the 25th December starting at 9pm and scheduled to run through until 9.15am on the 26th December 2015 from our Scunthorpe Plant (out of hours charges were applied of course).

David Boyall, RMX Sales Rep in Lincoln, continues the story: “The projects required the dismantling of existing road bridges and the re-instatement of new structures within a very restricted timeframe, hence not only was supply of paramount importance but also the performance of the concrete we supplied.  CEMEX, as usual, had the answer – ‘Promptis’.

Promptis is already a firm favourite with Network Rail in Cluster 12 where many previous projects have benefitted from the use of Promptis.  This was quickly approved by CML’s client Network Rail for use at both sites.  A total of 60m3 was supplied to the sites during the course of the night.

The two projects were completed three hours ahead of schedule to the delight of both our client and Network Rail.

Our client has also confirmed today that the CEMEX Promptis 37 exceeded the target strength required at 20 hours of a minimum of 10n.   It achieved 30n giving both the client and Network Rail further comfort in the success of the product supplied.”

BEST FOR CUSTOMERS – their targets met and exceeded, BEST FOR COMMUNITIES – roads opened on time with disruption kept to a minimum.