Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Dagenham Gets Into The Supaflo

The Readymix Team in Dagenham recently delivered the first load of Supaflo.  Our customer was TCS Screeding and the project is Broadway Chambers, two 24 storey tower blocks c/o Telford Homes, with panoramic views across London including the O2 Arena in the distance (photo).

The material looked fantastic and the customer was very happy.

Adam Leverett, Area Sales Manager, commented: “There are lots of people to thank – Gabriel our IHC (who spent the entire offload telling the customer how great the material looked and that he should really buy more of it from Dagenham now!!), Kevin D’Souza, Jamie Giuseppe Izzo, Christian Vale and Nigel Bateman to name but a few!”


Onwards and upwards for VAPs in London.