Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Dedication Is What You Need….

Ray Darby works as the Plant Supervisor at Rotherham (Parkgate) Plant.  Ray will be 73 in May and he is fitter than a lot of people who are half his age!

His Operations Manager, Roger Taylor, sent in this story to thank Ray and his team for their hard work and loyalty.  It is a pleasure to report it in this week’s UKNews.  “When I go to Rotherham it is always great to see the high level of housekeeping.  We had a Health & Safety Essentials Audit there two weeks ago scoring a very impressive 92%, and the Health & Safety Officer, Derrick Hopper, couldn’t believe how well the Plant looked!

Whilst I was there I got talking to a collect customer from MSP and he said: ‘I go past your competitors to get here for my concrete, it is worth the extra travel.  I get really good product with really good customer service.’

Ray is always pro-active looking for ways to improve his working environment.  He is quick to Step In when it is needed but does it in such a way that people don’t feel embarrassed.  We currently have a very demanding contract being serviced out of Rotherham with extended hours and late working, Ray is an integral part to why this is being a success.

The Teamwork between CEMEX staff and the IHCs at Rotherham is second to none, each person is looking out for one another and always ready to help.

Thank you to the Team at Rotherham and especially Ray for all their hard work and high standards, setting the standard for the rest of us to follow.”  The photo shows  Ray and the team with the Safety Sword   – Left to right Paul Denwood, Ray Darby, Mick Beresford and Mark Moffatt, unfortunately Chris Emery the final member of the team wasn’t at site when the photo was taken.