Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Disaster I Hear You Say… Not In Cluster 16!

David Taylor, Sales Rep in Cluster 16, posted this story on Shift – yet again showing what brilliant Teamwork can do to deliver great customer service.

“On Wednesday 17th Feb we had a planned 300 mtr pour from the Plant in Pershore for C C Contracting. We got to 66 mtrs and everything was running great until we heard a bang…

After investigations by Brian Poutney and Peter Hember it was found that the batchbelt head drum had snapped. ‘Disaster!’ I hear you all say… not in Cluster 16.  The customer was made aware that for the pour to continue we would need to run the rest from Ryall Plant. We delivered 288 mtrs with the last load leaving the Plant at 8.30pm.

With constant updates from myself to the site, and the great Teamwork from Tom Jeffries, Paul Nicholson, Peter Hember plus great support from the Hereford, Ludlow, Bromsgrove IHCs, as well as Adam, IHC from Pershore, and John, IHC at Ryall, the customer was very happy and we could continue the pour.  The customer asked me to pass on his thanks to the Team.

I also need to thank Steve Prattley, the Plant Manager for Pershore, who had everything under control before the breakdown happened, and Steve Hughes for his assistance! There is one more thank you to the Cement and Aggs Teams who helped with such smooth deliveries of material!”