Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Driver Lite Track Is Go

Isn’t it handy to be able to track your package delivery when you’ve ordered something?  CEMEX Go offers our customers this fantastic facility.  With over 95% of IHCs and Own Fleet enabled with Track, our customers can follow orders in real-time from Plant to project site on their phones.  We just need to let our customers know this!

At the CEMEX Go launch we were all confident it would be a game-changer, but surprisingly take-up of Track has been low. Requesting Repeat Orders on Track is an easy-win for driving Orders Adoption – it’s much quicker for a customer to place a repeat order on Track, for those needing same products day by day. They can also use it to make amendments. Please encourage everyone to use the cards we have printed and distributed to remind our customers.

Lex commented: “Please can everyone promote this with our customers. It was one of the big hooks that we all expected to make a significant difference.”

Target Customers with the Track Application and see Adoption soar!!!