Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Dry, Bagged, Sprayable Concrete…. whatever next?!

Our Dry Silo Mortar team have been supplying dry bagged sprayable concrete to customer, Gunform, for the first time ever.  Alex Thomas, Internal Sales Executive for Bagged Mortar, let us know the background:

“This is something CEMEX Dry Silo Mortar hasn’t supplied before and is a specialist product we have been working on perfecting. The product we are supplying is a Sprayed Concrete in a dry form in bulk bags.

We are currently supplying Gunform on two of their projects in Scotland, one in Dumfries and Galloway and the other in Inverness.  They have committed to us supplying all sites going forward for this material.  By the end of next week we will have supplied 290 bags over a four week period!”

Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this product to market and clinching the contract with Gunform.