Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

‘Joust’ Another Delivery For Loanleven……

Last Tuesday Loanleven Quarry had a delivery of NEOGEM screeding sand to Scone Palace.

“Turns out it was being used for the jousting arena for the International Medieval Combat Federation World Championships which were being held there last weekend,” said Marc Noel, Quarry Manager. “It’s good to see our products getting used for something a little different!”

These World Championships are held annually and attract competitors from across the globe including Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Russia, Japan and Europe. This event is the largest ever event of its type to take place in the UK.

The International Medieval Combat Federation (IMCF) is a global historical full contact sport fighting revival movement in which combatants use historically accurate reproduction medieval and early modern armour and blunted weapons to engage in competitive fights according to authentic historical tournament rules.