Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Learn From Customer Complaints

100% of complaints will be dealt with within 24 hours – that is one of our service promises to customers. At the moment we are not delivering on that promise.

The most recent customer satisfaction survey showed that we are not dealing with our customer complaints efficiently which is why Stuart Keighley, Mike Higgins, Sue Hawkins and the Technical Managers are all working to deliver ‘Dealing with Complaints’ training to the UK Business.

Customer complaints should not be seen as ‘something to brush under the carpet’ but are an opportunity for us to improve what we do.  Improving customer service is the key to setting us apart from our competitors which is why CEMEX UK is aiming to become the best in our field at giving great customer service. In this Olympic year we need to aim for a gold medal in customer satisfaction.

So far over 250 colleagues have completed Module 1 (of three) on dealing with complaints. The plan is for Module 2 ‘Investigate & Resolve’ to be rolled out and completed by the end of September 2016 and Module 3 ‘Correct & Prevent’ by the end of the year to improve our handling of customer complaints.  If you or your Team is interested in finding out more about the training please contact Mike Higgins, Sue Hawkins or the Technical Managers.