Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Meet Neale McMaster Our New Technical Proposals Manager

Neale has recently joined the CEMEX UK Submissions Team.  He came from working two and half years with the Tarmac Bids Team and before that he was an Engineering Consultant, focusing mainly on bridge design and maintenance for WSP.

We asked Neale to explain what his new role entails: “My role at CEMEX is pretty multi-faceted in that I don’t have just one thing I do. It all goes towards one goal but every day and every job is completely different. In one sentence my job is to win work for CEMEX, however, as I’ve said there’s a lot of different parts that go into that.

Almost all the work CEMEX do, especially on big schemes, comes through our Team at some point. Our Team is responsible for filling in the quality aspects of all tenders and working with the sales guys and estimators across the business to get the financial aspect of all tenders filled in.

Our job involves a lot of writing and a lot of research into what we do as business. The biggest part of my role is communication, whether that’s externally with the client or internally, trying to get information from people in the business. We do a lot, a LOT, of really good and different things in CEMEX that help us stand out from the crowd. My goal is to find out what we do and present it in a format that makes clients give us more work and keep coming back.

I’m looking forward to working with CEMEX and hopefully a lot of you reading this over the coming months and years, helping to build a greater Britain.”