Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Near Miss Service Alerts…

Just as we have Near Miss Hazard Alerts in health & safety to avoid a hazard becoming an incident, Nicola Bellas and the Concrete Products and Bulk Cement Teams have introduced Near Miss Service Alerts (NMSA) to tell them when a customer issue occurs which may become a complaint.

They currently have 3 categories of customer complaints:

Cat A = Lost customer; Cat B = Lost site; Cat C = Any others

If they are trending high on Cat C complaints this means they are at higher risk of getting a Cat A or Cat B which is bad!!

The new Near Miss Service Alerts are designed to catch customer service problems before they become a Cat C complaint or worse – a lost customer or site.

Nicola explains: “The more Near Miss Service Alerts we raise and action the more we will reduce the number of Category C and above complaints.  We have instances when we let a customer down and have to move their order.  The customer can agree to the change but this goes unregistered with no action taken until this new category was introduced.

By July 2016 in Concrete Products we had received 43 complaints that related to dropped loads and we had a further 57 instances of dropped loads which didn’t result in a Category C complaint as the customer agreed to the changes we made.  This system is about preventing customers becoming unhappy enough to make a Cat C complaint and for us to monitor our customer service.”