Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

New Commercial Team

Last year CEMEX launched a Segmentation process for all of its businesses. This involves allocating all of our customers into segments where their purchasing habits and behaviours are similar.

Distributors are the segment that both Packed Cement and Concrete Products predominantly deal with. You will more likely recognise these as Builders Merchants such as Travis Perkins or Jewson, or retailers such as B&Q or Wickes.

Following discussions with our customers they told us that they wanted several key attributes from CEMEX as a business and these were easy to do business with, innovative, trustworthy and experts in our field.

The purpose for us segmenting our customer base is to better identify their needs and create a proposition that will meet their individual needs. With both the Packed Cement Commercial Team and the Concrete Product Commercial Team in many cases overlapping contact with the ‘Distributors’, the business took the decision to merge the two Teams together to enable us to sell both product lines through one Team. The intention is not to dilute the expertise of each Team, but to have experts in selling to Distributors.

Graeme Barton, Team Manager, explains: “I am sure you will appreciate the importance of having daily communication between the Customer Service Team and the Commercial Team and for that reason the Packed Cement CST has also moved onto the third floor in Rugby. These are exciting times for all of us as we restructure to better meet the needs of our customers. There is a lot for both Teams to learn and I appeal for your patience during these early days.”