Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

New Shades Of Grey For ReadyPave

ReadyPave have introduced a new graphite colour to their range.  The new colour is between natural and charcoal and offers a better consistency for a lighter shade of grey.

CEMEX Concrete Products are in the process of expanding the colour range of the ReadyPave brand. Graphite, which is a grey colour inbetween the currently produced natural and charcoal colours, has been undergoing testing for a number of weeks.

The colour was designed to help increase the consistency of the current natural colour. Colour tests have been made at each of the Concrete Block Paving (CBP) plants in the UK; Northfleet (Kent), Lenwade (Norfolk) and West Calder (West Lothian).

The first delivery for the new product was sent out on Thursday 29th January 2015 out of the Northfleet CBP Plant and was used in the construction of a car park for a small block of flats. The contractor had originally requested the equivalent colour from an alternative supplier, however, after receiving samples of the graphite paving, Trinity Civil Engineering LTD chose to be supplied by CEMEX due to the quality of the product and competitive pricing offered by Sales Manager, Paul Townsend, through Parker Building Supplies.

All CBP plants are now lightly stocked with the graphite colour of the most popular products, with plans in place to start stocking graphite in larger quantities.