Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

New Southern Aggs team off to a great start!

Southern Aggregate Sales has now been live in Rugby since the 8th of August. Despite being earlier than planned, the transfer of responsibilities overall has been a success. This is largely down to the fantastic hard work and effort of the team in Rugby.

Jessie Ryan, team leader, would like to thank Sharon Turner, Nicola Henderson, Andrew Radbourne, Tony Jurkiewicz, Kyle Kerry and the new members, Claire Miller, Abbie Smith and Jack Enefer for their determination to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Jessie comments, “the mixture of new starters and new areas had the potential to cause issues. To prepare for this challenge we spent about 6 weeks in the area and in the Thorpe Office learning what we could and at the same time, supporting the office there.

We’ve had presentations, reading material, quarry visits and material samples, all of which have been extremely useful in understanding the business. The support of Ian Robinson and Paul Reynold’s teams has been invaluable in helping us get to grips with the complexities of the region, so thank you for allowing your reps to take the time out to help us. A special thank you as well to Brin Sandhu, who has helped support me with the more technical aspects of the move to Rugby.

There will always be always teething problems and the biggest struggle has been that certain processes were not the same as we have here in Rugby. It will take time to choose the best practices and implement changes to ensure all areas work as one, which means the transition will continue for a while yet. It has been a real challenge, however, most importantly, Customer Service is at the heart of this change and this has never been compromised. All feedback we have received has been positive and we hope that this continues as we become an even stronger team striving to be the Best for our Customers!

Thank you to every single person involved, we couldn’t have done this without you!”

To commemorate the new starters, Andy, who is a talented artist, drew their caricatures to match the ones they had done of the existing team.  Picture above from left to right:  Nicola, Jessie, Kyle, Sharon, Claire, Andy, Jack, Abbie and Tony.