Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Night Working Takes Its Toll(bar)….

Last night at just after 1.30am Coventry Plant batched, tested and sent the final load of a month’s worth of consecutive night work pours for Bachy Soletanche toTollbar End.

Matt Doran, Sales Rep, tells the story: “Bachy contacted CEMEX before Christmas enquiring about our Plant availability and capability of helping them with that lovely project you’re all so familiar with on the way to Rugby CSC. Due to the project’s proximity to Coventry airport daytime working was not an option due to the danger of having a piling rig erected so close to low flying aircraft.

Although this was sure to be a demanding project both technically and operationally, we were up for the challenge.  After an initial site meeting with Bachy, followed by several internal meetings with the Cluster 16 Team to discuss staffing and resources, the first pile was poured at 2am way back on Friday January 22nd.

In my 10 years within CEMEX I would say that this has been the most challenging and most rewarding project I have ever undertaken. This has not been helped by some cold night time temperatures, some high winds meaning the cranes could not be used to insert the cages, and some, shall we say, ‘unsociable’ working hours?

The key message throughout this project has been communication and collaboration. I’ve probably spoken with the Bachy Senior Engineer more than my own wife over the past month and the entire Team has worked as one to provide not only a solution for Bachy, but also a great springboard for 2016 for the Cluster.

There are too many people to thank, but special praise should go to:

  • Cluster 16 Technical Manager, Gilbert Morgan
  • Warwickshire Team Leader, Andy Parkes
  • Coventry Plant Supervisor, Damian Keogh
  • Cluster 16 Relief Batcher, Matt Malin
  • Cluster Manager, Al Laverty
  • Cluster Sales Manager, Martin West
  • Operations Supervisor, Jim Wainwright
  • Technicians, Dave Freebody & Gael Denny
  • Cluster 16 Planner, Courtney Winter

Thanks also to Liz Dixon for a reliable supply of aggregate weekend deliveries and to Jane Barker for prioritising Coventry for Cem2 deliveries during the recent shortage and, of course, all the IHCs.”