Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Not Everyone Got A Christmas Break…

Over the last year our RMX Team in Scotland has been delivering concrete on night shift work to our customer ABC.  The contract is for the electrification of the Glasgow to Edinburgh rail line where we supply concrete for the tower bases.  This has been a great success for us and has meant we can secure additional work due to our expertise in supplying night shift rail work.

Edith Brown, Sales Rep at Uddingston, takes up the story: “I had a meeting with John Brown from ABC approximately two weeks before Christmas and he intimated that he would be looking for concrete over the Christmas and New Year period.  He was looking for our plant to be open constantly from 11pm on the 24th December until 6am on 3rd January when normal night shifts would resume.  He was working on 12 hour shifts with approx. 30 metres per shift.  I thought – ‘WOW’ that’s a big ask!

We had a meeting in the office with Alan Caird, our Operations Manager, who set about getting costs together for cement to be delivered over the holidays, additional aggregate deliveries, and he had to speak to our plant staff and batchers.

We then worked out an opening charge per shift that we were comfortable with.  This was agreed with their Buyer and it was a great relief on Christmas Eve to receive the order number for the holiday working charges.

I have since taken a call from John Brown to thank us for helping him make his life easier and to say a big ‘thank you’ to all CEMEX staff involved.

This work has enabled Scotland to get off to a flying start to the New Year and what’s also good is that last January we were only a back-up supplier as our price was higher, but during the year they were let down by their key supplier during night shifts so we have become their preferred supplier.

I would like to thank all our batchers, drivers and shipping staff who gave up their relaxing holiday time to service our customer.  It makes me proud to work with such a great Team.”