Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Now You See It….Lee Tunnel Plant’s Gone

After the final load of concrete was batched from the Lee Tunnel Site the RMX plants have now been removed.

Lee Tunnel after resizedIt involved both plants being removed one after the other and taken to their new locations.

The work was managed and overseen by Ray Parrot from the Engineering Dept, and at its peak had electricians, delivery drivers, low loaders, machinery and contractors all working on site as one Team –  all fully briefed and aware of the importance of their role on site and understanding what the whole Team were doing.

The plan of works was agreed in a tight but achievable timescale, and involved all parts of the chain performing and hitting deadlines to ensure our commitment to MVB, where a final date of finishing was met. After 5 years it was hard to remember what the site looked like before the plants but from the before and after photos above you can see how the plants looked once they were put into position and what the area looks like now they are gone.

Matthew Yaxley, Readymix Cluster Manager, comments: “I would like to thank everybody involved in the removal of these plants and special thanks go to Ray Parrot who project managed this removal until completion with the site being handed back to MVB on Thursday 29th October as originally planned and committed. Without Ray doing such a marvelous job, this would have dragged resources from all over the Cluster at any one time. Thanks Ray.”