Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Phew! What A Week For Warwickshire

Matt Doran and the RMX Teams in Warwickshire had a busy week last week.  Last Friday they completed a 400m one-day pour for McDermotts – who are building a new office block for Coventry Council in the city centre.

The job involved collaboration between commercial, logistics, operations and technical – and was over 3 weeks in the making. To top it off (literally) was a 36m+ Xypex pour, showing our commitment to delivering Specialist Product Solutions, as well as high volume ‘basic’ concrete.

It was not without its problems however, there was a terminal breakdown at Coventry plant halfway through the pour. After Matt’s heart had re-started they were able to adapt to the situation and finish the pour from Berkswell.

The pour came after a busy week in Warwickshire, with a large pour over just 4 days for Twintec for a new Waste Recycling Centre at Longford.

Thanks to Mark Robson, Damian Keogh, Courtney Ralph Winter, Gordon Mcdade, Andrew Parkes, Nigel Marston, Gilbert Morgan , James Duncan Wainwright, Martin West, and Al Laverty for their help and support in planning these high volume, high risk pours. Thanks also to Elizabeth Dixon and Jane Barker for a steady and reliable supply of raw materials.

The photo is of the Waste Recycling Centre at Longford (no doubt home to some of Matt’s Xmas rubbish next month!)  And now, after a hectic week, breathe……….