Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Promote CEMEX Go Track And Order Adoption

Orders Adoption and Track Adoption for our onboarded builders is now showing a decline. What can you do to help us promote these tools?  Here are some ideas:

  • Engage your Sales Teams in the discussion. Customers can Repeat Order easily through the Track Application when it is downloaded to their phones.
  • Engage our Shipping Offices in the opportunities presented by Track. It gives status visibility and truck location mapping.
  • Engage our Delivery Drivers (IHCs and own Drivers) to make the most of the Drivers App and EPOD for Customer Tickets.
  • Remind our Drivers to give out the Track Cards – we printed 25,000 of these and distributed them to all. Need more? Give us a call!

If we can achieve this we will start to see increased Adoption and a reduction in the day to day telephone traffic in our offices and to our Sales Teams. That can only be a good thing as it will free us all up to better plan and organise value adding activities.

There is no silver bullet to make this happen. It’s an ongoing process of making small steps to encourage Adoption every hour of every day and every day of every week. Thanks for your support. Please cascade this to everyone working in promotion of CEMEX Go.

For help with CEMEX Go, please contact the Digital Support Team on 0345 155 1825