Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Small But Mighty… Our Rail Team

Last week we sent the 2 millionth tonne by rail in the UK this year. Once again this has come earlier than ever and continues the previous 3 years of growth.
All of the volume is moved safely, efficiently, cost effectively and in a way that minimises the effect on the environment.

This year has not been without its challenges with a new ‘Pop-up’ depot in Warrington to serve the West of Manchester area opening in March, and this was followed by a major derailment outside of Dove Holes in May which damaged track and affected services with no trains for 5 days. This outage was handled extremely professionally with all customers kept informed at all stages.

Train services now run from Dove Holes to most parts of the UK. Wenvoe material runs into London and direct to our Readymix site at Crawley via a handling operation at Cardiff, Cumbrian PSV Hardstone is sent to Washwood Heath for Asphalt, and we are now moving slow moving 6mm stock from Gilfach (via Neath) to Stourton and into the North East.

Limestone moved by rail has been used for PFI work in and around Birmingham, major construction projects in London including Crossrail, work on the new Selby bypass and it even plays its part in sugar production in E Anglia. All those lovely cakes baked to raise money for good causes in Rugby are only possible with the help of material moved by rail!!

Everyone involved in the chain from production at Dove Holes, Wenvoe, Gilfach and Shap through the supply chain coordination team into the depots and then onto our customers should be very proud of the continued efforts every year.

All of this is further supported by the approx 500,000 T of waste soil which is moved from London into Barrington Landfill removing a huge number of lorries from the roads of London and the Home Counties whilst fulfilling our restoration commitment.