Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Small Volume BIG Price In Leighton Buzzard

Leighton Buzzard has just completed a contract with Vinci.  The contract lasted for 1 day with a total volume delivered of 1m3.

The 1m3 of a C35 M330 was delivered to Vinci Technology Centre in Leighton Buzzard, almost next door to our concrete plant run by Darren Hunt.

Steve Gatfield priced the mix at £1272.56/m3 with full part loads and the Environmental charge of 35p all captured – this being the most expensive concrete he has priced and the smallest contract size.

Steve continues: “The concrete had to contain a Basalt 20/5 aggregate as the mix needed to mimic the concrete used over 60 years ago for one of the chimneys at Sellafield. They were having to erect a platform alongside the chimney and needed to conduct some friction testing on a trial concrete in the labs, hence where we came in. Filling little boxes full of steel they would then strip the formwork and expose the aggregate to conduct the testing.

So with the help of Kurt Cowdrey who sourced some in Northumberland from Laftar, we arranged for the 4 ton to be brought down for the trial.  Vinci asked if we could bring enough down to conduct at least 3 x 1m3 trials if needed. We have completed one and because this went perfectly, no further trials will be required.”