Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Stig is Definitely an Asphalt Lover…

Last week CEMEX launched its new VIA resized   range, innovation in Asphalt. 

Innovation is the key to the range of six new CEMEX asphalt products introduced at UK Civils Expo.  From highways to tennis courts, farm yards to driveways the VIA range can provide customers from local councils, surfacing contractors and individual builders with a solution to their surfacing needs.



VIA Flex resizeduses the latest in polymer modified bitumen technology to give resistance to cracking and deformation.  An ideal product for extensive repairs on highways and roads it can produce a whole life saving for the UK’s streets and road network.


VIA Flow resized is perfect for areas requiring a permeable free draining surfacing designed to allow water to pass through to the underlying structure. Suitable for use as part of a designed Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) VIAFLOW is ideal for areas which require durability such as driveways and car parks.

VIA Mann resized has been specifically designed with the utility sector in mind. The product is easier to compact than traditional standard asphalt and offers improved air void compliance.  VIAMAIN will reduce the likelihood of poor quality reinstatements, saving time and money.

VIA Shield resized a product that is hard wearing and resistant to acid attack from agricultural effluent, VIASHIELD is a hot rolled asphalt designed specifically for the farming community.  This surfacing is dense and impermeable and can be used on a wide range of applications on a farm such as storing silage for anaerobic digestion systems and housing livestock.

VIA Course resized is a single layer solution for roads and highways with speed of construction in mind. The product provides a single layer of 50mm – 80mm thick to replace the top 2 layers of the binder and surface. This can save both time and money. In addition the surface texture provides skid and rut resistance, making VIACOURSE ideal for rural roads and housing estate roads.

VIA Court resizeda flexible solution for sports surfaces which meets the Sports and Play Contractors Association specifications.  VIACOURT is available in two grades, tennis and multi-use games and is free draining asphalt which gives a smooth surface.