Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Superior Customer Service Champion

This week’s Superior Customer Service champion is Siobhan Edgar from Aggs.  She showed fantastic customer service skills during the week on the A19 Silverlink Project deliveries. 

Natalie Hodson, Aggs Sales Rep, continues: “She has been dealing with John Lagan directly to take orders and coordinate the deliveries to site and she had managed to deliver the full 800t order before 3pm! Given Divethill’s slow start that morning due to the poor weather conditions, she’s done fantastically well to get anywhere near the volumes requested by the customers, let alone the full tonnages they required.

The customer has praised the communication from Siobhan this week: Deliveries have been timely and open communication throughout. She’s made my job far easier this week by delivering this high standard of customer service.  I have called Siobhan and thanked her personally but feel it should be raised to you both how well this week has gone.   On a similar note; her communication to the Reps has also been brilliant this week. She has kept me informed every step of the way, and obviously appreciates the commercial importance of this project for the area as a whole.

I know that we are all often quick to complain when things go wrong so hopefully the appreciation is passed to Siobhan, and long may this new working relationship between sales and planning continue.