Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Superior Customer Service Every Time

Last week our CEO, Fernando Gonzalez, introduced “Superior Customer Experience … Everywhere, Every Time” our global strategy to achieve the BEST Customer satisfaction of any business-to-business company.

Jesus Gonzalez sent this message out to all UK Employees:

“For us in CEMEX UK this is the continuation of a journey that started back in 2010 with our Customer Focus programme, when we established our 6 Service Standards and our Customer Service Promise. For a number of years we have been asking, via Customer satisfaction surveys, what Customers think of our service and that has helped us take actions to improve.  From first enquiries and pricing to orders and deliveries and to managing service issues and complaints more effectively. We have also been working to change processes, simplify our sales systems and train our commercial people, adding value both for our customers and for CEMEX.  More recently we launched the new Customer Journey Experience (CJE) programme in which Senior Managers are spending more time with Customers to discover their pain points and make our business easier to deal with.

These initiatives have helped us to serve our internal and external Customers more effectively. However, there is much more we need to change in our business to enable us to meet the challenge outlined above. To achieve Superior Customer Experience we will be embarking on the biggest transformation in our industry.

On Wednesday 29th March at 10am and repeated at 2pm, there will be a special dial-in DOWN THE LINE to give you more details about this Superior Customer Experience transformation and to enable everyone to ask questions. Joining instructions will follow shortly. I will also keep you updated with news both on my Shift Blog as well as UKNews.

I’m very excited about the opportunity that this transformation provides for us to become the Company with the BEST Customer satisfaction. I’m sure you will agree that’s a very challenging and ambitious goal and one worth pursuing.

Thank you for everything you do to make our Company a success! I look forward to hearing from many of you on the DOWN THE LINE broadcast.”

If you missed the webcast then it is now available on Shift at the Global Homepage:

The actual link for the video (on click through from Shift) is here:

To watch this employees will need to be on the CX system or on VPN. It is just over one hour in length.