Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Teamwork is an 864m3 Pour at BAM No1 Spinningfields, Manchester

Weeks of preparation and impressive Team work meant we successfully supplied 144 loads of concrete or 864m3, for Heyrod Construction at BAM No1 Spinningfield in Central Manchester.  This is the first part of a new 17,000m3 order.

Weeks of preparation had gone into getting this base pour right with meetings being held with our suppliers, shippers, technical and operations as well as with our customer.  The co-ordination by Paul Turton and his Shipping Team has meant that the pour, which started at 6am, had excellent service and the concrete was supplied from both Gorton and Salford Plants (both Central Manchester plants).

Two concrete pumps were used with 16 truck mixers starting the pour and this was reduced to 14 later in morning. The contract was on Quay Street in the City which was a complex operation where both public and transport traffic was very busy. Thank you to the banksman provided by BAM for looking after everyone with excellent Health and Safety awareness and organisation.

All staff and drivers have worked really well together since the start of this back in early September, ensuring that there were no service issues to deal with on site.  Without CEMEX’s Team work this pour would not have been such a success.