Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

The Grass Is Not Always Greener…..

Cluster 12 (Whisby Plant) recently lost the Beal Developments Housing Site at Waddington near Lincoln to Breedon Aggregates (a casualty of the Breedon Slash the Price Policy). Beal’s decided to go out to the local suppliers with a tender for their Phase 2 & 3 requirements at the start of the 2016, which CEMEX had supplied for the last twelve months.

It is therefore pleasing to be able to report that within two months of this enforced change that CEMEX have once again resumed supply, initially with one mix, which was very quickly followed by the full requirement being listed in a new order from their office.

We have also successfully trialled Evolution with them following their return and this is now specified for their other sites.

CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES BRING ITS REWARDS AND IS VALUED BY OUR CUSTOMERS particularly when they have tried an alternative.