Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

The Power Of Positive Feedback!

Even when things are not going smoothly, and you are having a bad week, a bit of positive feedback can do wonders to lift you up.  Maureen Squire, Cement Customer Services Rep. Distributors, was having ‘one of those weeks,’ but she didn’t let it put her off trying to help a customer in need.

Aneil, from Busy Bee Builder’s Merchants in Alperton, called in to Maureen on the Wednesday to see when was the earliest he could get a much-needed delivery of various packed products. Maureen advised that it was Friday at that time.  Aneil was happy with that but stressed that he needed the deliveries first thing so please could he get as early a delivery as possible.

Maureen managed to put his order on for the next day instead arranged a 5.30am slot for him.  Aneil was so happy he emailed Maureen at 7.08am on the delivery morning and said: “Thank you so much for doing us that favour, delivery done and dusted, have a good day.”

Even during a busy day, the customer found the time to drop that ‘thank you’ to Maureen which brightened up her day; it also ‘cements’ a good relationship with that customer.  Well done to Maureen and thank you to Eddie Stobart’s logistics for making it happen.