Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Thinking Out Loud

Brian McCarthy, Sales Rep for Cluster 24 SE RMX, put this thought provoking blog on Shift about customer service… it’s well worth a read!

“I met with a customer yesterday whilst out with my local Representative, Glyn Blake, and he made a point about how “everyone is a Rep for the company we work for”.  This got me thinking.

Our behaviours and actions at any one particular moment can have an immediate impact on our relationships with our customers.  In this customer’s example, their business was in its infancy. They had secured 90 slab pours of 60m3 each and on the third pour an employee of theirs had a moment and spoke in a derogatory manner to their client. Just like that they were off the job.  Ouch. All that hard work and effort gone because of two words said in the heat of the moment.

On the flip side of that example, our Shipping Office in Cluster 24 has being doing an excellent job recently. Complaints have been minimal and we have received feedback from customers thanking the office staff for the efforts and their willingness to solve problems. This week P J Browns awarded us with a 3,000m3 order based solely on the relationship that Jack Comley (Shipper) has with the guy on site.  This is down to the mutual level of respect and understanding which has been built between the two parties.

We need to be mindful that in business, relationships and reputations are only as good as the effort we collectively make.  Whether it’s delivering concrete, answering the telephone or selling a solution, we are all important cogs in the machine and we are all responsible for determining successes.”