Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Way To Go, Go!

Congratulations to all the CEMEX Go UK Teams for their contribution to a solid performance last week. “In a week where overall European Orders Adoption fell by 1%, the UK added 4% with over 1,000 orders in CEMEX Go – for the first time!” commented Director of Customer Centricity, Stuart Keighley.

“In addition, overall reported Drivers App Adoption and EPOD rose 3% to 74%.

Most pleasing to note is Builders Readymix Orders Adoption increased to 17% on a steadily improving trend and is now out of Hotspot (15%). Well done on that!!

Customer Track of deliveries bounced back to 10%. There is much more to do to promote Track and reduce delivery status calls into our Shipping offices.  There continues to be significant variability in performance of the different markets and a great deal can be learned from the best performing.

UK Trend All Products All Segments increased by 4% and for the first time over 1,000 orders in CEMEX Go! (432 coming through Multiple Orders representing 43%).”