Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Well Done Team London….

The London team pulled together last week to serve a customer who we have struggled to work with previously.  They managed to give a superior customer experience and even got a thank you email!

Jeff Fielding tells the story: “A customer we have struggled to work with in the South for the last couple of years came on late last week (3.30pm) to see if we could help them by supplying 80+ m3 the following day. From receiving the enquiry, sending back a quote and arranging mix designs, we had replied to them within the hour.  Operationally we pulled out all the stops and in conjunction with our Shipping Office we completed the pour without a hitch to a site that had several transport restrictions, all monitored via the “Track” App.

It was great to receive an email at the end of the day from site thanking us for our superior service.

Thanks must go to: Sharon Baker (Commercial), Nigel Bateman (Ops) and Liam Keating (Shipping).

For us to receive any kind of feedback is great praise and I am sure will help develop the relationship going forward.  Well done London. Opportunities like this do not often present themselves but when they do, and we work together, it elevates us above our competitors whether they be a major or larger independent.”