Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

What Makes Us Best For Customers?

“Our people are our unique selling point,” says Les Luxon, Local Asphalt Business Manager, who recently attended a customer focus session and found it really useful.  He pondered on the ways CEMEX is best for customers.

Les takes up the story: “How would an outsider looking in see the difference between CEMEX and our competitors? My belief is it starts with our people.  We need to inform our customers more, let them know about our new products and explain the benefits of using them.  CEMEX and our competitors sell exactly the same product, deliver it the same and it’s not got fancy packaging or advertised any differently. So for me it’s about what we do beyond selling. In Asphalt it’s about knowing our customer, understanding their needs and making sure we have done all we can to make the transition from the initial phone call to the delivery and collection of the material the best.

I have found with Local Asphalt that it’s going the extra mile and being able to react to a changing situation or request that makes customers come back. It’s like your mobile phone company – they call it bolt ons.  They aren’t just giving you a phone, they are adding extras to make sure you are happy and stay loyal.  We can do this simply by Being The Best for our customers.

That’s what will make us different and stand out, retain our customers, add more and gain loyalty and repeat business.  This could simply be a request from a customer running late – if we stay open on that one occasion he will remember that next time he needs to place an order.  It could be the weighbridge clerk with questions – what are you using that material for?  Then informing the customer of our new products and the benefits they bring. It could be the way we handle a request – do it well and the customer will remember.

If we don`t look after our customers and go the extra mile someone else will. We need to be ahead of our competitors on this, I believe we are, but we must make the most of this opportunity to gain advantage over our competitors. It’s CEMEX’s people that will make us the Best.”